Hello Woozen!You are here to have fun with free stuff that we give!Here you can get anything for free but there are some conditions to get them.Please keep on reading to see how do you get free:

Please read the conditions for free stuff:

-Your Woozworld account needs to be old at least 2 Months(we give free to loyal members of Woozworld).

-You need to have one payment bought on that account(for example.once you bought 5,000 Wooz and 7 Days of VIP Membership or just wooz or just VIP Membership) then you can get free.

(You don't have to be VIP,but It would be great if you are,just keep on reading to see why.)

-You had to be active on your account till now.

-Don't worry you don't have to be any special Preztige level.


Some music to cheer you up woozens!

Only Girl (In the World)
Rihanna (Only Girl (In the World) - Single)

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